To function properly, power trowels must maintain a precise perpendicular relationship between the gearbox's output shaft and blade arms. Once that relationship is compromised, the trowel will vibrate and/or wobble. MBW has gone to great lengths to maintain this critical relationship. MBW Walk-Behind Power Trowels feature the industry's heaviest bearings, output shafts, gears, spiders and blade arms. Comparison of these critical MBW components to those of any competitor answers the question as to why MBW trowels run so well for so long. · adjustable handle for ease of operation · optional edger which allows finishing within 1/8" of walls · optional constant force pitch control allows for quick blade adjustment and positive engagement

F36/4H 36" Power Trowel F46/4H 46" Power Trowel
Ring Diameter


MBW's wet screed has no flex or rigid shaft connection. A simple, durable, low cost rubber isolator drives the eccentric. The back-to-back triangular construction of the ScreeDemon bar is rigid and minimizes variability in the transmission of vibration. This screed simply clamps to the bar allowing assembly/disassembly in seconds. It's patent pending mount retention method enables use of low durometer isolators without loss of operator control. Hand/arm vibration is 50 to 90% lower than competitive screeds.


WS500H Wet Screed Includes 10' Bar

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