The Model 138-2 The original PANELLIFT® Model 138-2 is the industry's leading drywall lifter. Why struggle with wallboard when you can single handedly lift wallboard up to 11 foot walls and ceilings. Cradle tilts laterally 65 degrees for easy loading and for installation on walls and sloped ceilings. It also tilts longitudinally 10 degrees. Fast action, single stage winch with silent cam=lock brake easily lifts and lowers wallboard so you don't have to strain your back.


The Model 182 Specifically designed for those extra tall jobs, the PANELLIFT® Model 182 has the same great features as the original Model 138-2 with the added benefit of a higher standard reach. The maximum standard reach of the Model 182 is 15 feet.

The chain drive technologies, used for years in our professional drywall lifts, are now coupled with a manual winch and torque limiter.

The Model 439 will reach heights of 14 feet 5 inches and still load at the height of just 35 inches. This means that you will no longer need extensions to reach 95% of the lids. If you need to go higher you can add the model 154 (18 inch) extension to reach almost 16 feet; making the Panellift® Model 439 the highest reaching lift in the industry.

The heavy-duty chains mean that you will never have to replace cable sheaves or cables again. Damaged lifts from overloading are a thing of the past. The two-way overload preventing torque limiter keeps you and the 439 safe and able to work for years to come.

The tripod is also equipped with new 6 inch casters making it much easier to roll over obstacles on the floor. You can still use the 439 to do walls or ducts like our other units. You can even reduce the loading height to just inches by adding the 195 loader to your lift. Add the Drill Drive Winch System tm to the 439 and raise the lift with a cordless or corded drill.

Model 460 The fastest lift available, bar none! The PANELLIFT® Model 460 the undisputed ruler of the trade with a patented DC / Hydraulic chain-driven lift mechanism that sets a whole new standard for productivity, versatility, and ergonomics. The two speed switch makes it easy to lift loads at up to 1 foot per second. The DC powered unit comes with a battery and a charging unit. Additional batteries can be purchased if needed. The Hydraulic chain-driven lift presents unparalleled ease and safety for hanging drywall. Join the growing list of satisfied drywallers who are using the 460 PANELLIFTS®.


Components securely interlock to the model 117 stand. It's small footprint (21" wide x 22" deep) allows storing multiple units in limited storage areas. Transport is easy! simply slide our dolly underneath the stand.

LUG ALLS 2 Ton Puller Bottle Jacks
48" Jackall 27' ladder hoist 21-7001 4 hp honda engine 200 lb. Capacity dual braking system  

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