Construction Levels  



Construction auto level 55-cal26d accurate, precise, dependable measurements on building and leveling projects

Our aluminum straight leg tripods offer strength and rigidity as one of the contractor's most necessary tools.

Tripods are 60" tall, complete with carrying strap and replaceable shoe points.


A multitude of convenience features like a LCD visual display and /or audio tone, a lightweight, easy-grip design, and water resistant case.

Telescoping Aluminum Rods 06-8042MM

CST's telescoping aluminum rods are made of a light and durable aluminum alloy. The anodized sections are imprinted with special weather resistant and corrosion resistant inks. Tight tolerances on extruded aluminum sections allow for smooth extension and prevent unnecessary clattering and sloppiness.

The sectional joints are injection molded from a durable lightweight impact-resistant plastic. Rods are equipped with reliable and wear-resistant polycarbonate buttons that lock each section. Easy-to-read graduations and a special measuring scale on the backside permit users to read height at eye level.

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